Frequently Asked Questions:

 What makes The Social Canine daycare facility so special?
For starters we are an exclusive facility that caters only to small, and medium size dogs 20lbs or smaller. We are not only the cleanest doggie daycare around (COME SMELL US), but we are a crate/cage free daycare as well. We are also the only daycare where the dogs have unrestricted indoor/outdoor access year round. Additionally, owners Jill and Jim Keaton are the only individuals who will be caring for your dog(s) each day.

What is the cost for daycare?
The cost will be $31 per day per dog. We offer a 10 visit package which gives you a $10 savings (Non refundable and pass expires in 4 months)
Multi-dog households will also receive a discount. 
If you have two dogs that you would like to bring to daycare then you will receive a $5 discount per day.  
If you have three dogs then you will receive a $10 discount per day.
(Multiple discounts cannot be applied)

How do drop offs and pickups work?
Owners must observe the one dog drop off/pickup rule. If an owner is in the office or entry hall dropping off or picking up their dog(s), then The Social Canine asks that you wait outside by your car until that owner has completed their drop-off or pick up. The Social Canine would like to avoid having multiple owners and their dogs in the office or entry hall at one time. All dogs must be leashed upon entering. By doing this, each owner can enjoy a stress-free drop off or pickup.

Owners can begin dropping their dogs off between 7:30am-11:00am Monday-Friday. Pickups must be made no later than 5:30 pm.  We will charge owners $1 for every minute that a pickup is made after 5:30 pm. This fee will be waived in the event of bad weather but we would appreciate a call ahead to notify us that you are running late. This is a fee that we do not like charging so we highly recommend that all pickups be made no later than 5:30pm